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New Novel "Kyra Hurricane" Ready For Beta Readers!

Hello folks! My latest novel, Book I of III, titled "Kyra Hurricane" has been written, rewritten, and written some more, and is ready for Beta Readers! I will be sending copies out soon, and look forward to feedback before I go back in and make additional, final adjustments.

Kyra Hurricane is the story of young Kyra and her quest to right wrongs committed by those most evil predators in society. Through early instruction by her mentor Gwen, charged with her care from the age of seven, Kyra learned the ways of the crossbow, blade, and gun. It was the early discovery of her own supernatural abilities, however, that fortified her arsenal in her pursuit of personalized justice. In her introduction, we find Kyra investigating a local Massachusetts man who may have kidnapped a young girl if not others. Her journey to discover truth, and punish the guilty, will be impeded by a persistent follower often hiding in the shadows. A follower who might know more about her, and her abilities, that she knows herself...and be the only real threat she faces in her young life.

Kyra Hurricane is Book I of III, and updates on this entire series will be released when they become available.



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