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Joshua Traxon, a former L.A.-based rock star and B-list reality show fixture left L.A. for small-town Vermont, hoping to write his memoir. Escaping a past filled with lies, reckless drunken behavior, salacious backstage tales, and death will push him to his limits, especially as he recounts it on paper for the world to read.

Josh and his frenetic pug Pickle have a routine: Josh drinks away his pain while struggling to write, and Pickle reminds him that he’s still alive, with his infectious personality and boundless love. When Josh meets Laurel, his new neighbor, along with her precocious young boy, he’ll struggle with that routine as he falls in love, attempting to evolve and reconcile with his boorish former persona. A tragic death that’s haunted him for years will fight to pull him back to the edge of despair, but not before Laurel’s own life-changing secret knocks Josh off his feet—and deeper into a bottle. Only a journey home, where he’ll unearth a forgotten childhood relic, may save him from himself. If it’s not too late. 

The Timber Stone is AVAILABLE NOW in print and ebook from Hear Our Voice LLC Publishing! Order HERE!

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Dave Abare is an author and speaker from North Central CT, currently working on his 3rd Novel, and awaiting the publication of his second, “The Timber Stone” from Indie Publisher, Hear Our Voice.


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